WTAJ interviews U23 U.S. Team Trials Gold Medalist Alden Henrie

Submitted by machteam on Fri, 05/10/2019 - 12:12
Alden Henrie at 2019 U.S. National Team Trials: U23 Gold Medalist

On May 8, a WTAJ reporter visited Sunnyside to interview Mach 1's own Alden Henrie about his U.S. Team Trial triumph in the Under-23 men's single canoe class, paddling career to date, and to get local on-the-water footage at Sunnyside Paddling Park.

The reporter anticipates to broadcast on Tuesday, May 14 during the 6 and 11 o'clock Channel 6 Sports News!  If you miss the broadcast that day, she anticipates it will be online as well at WTAJ news (wearecentralpa.com).

The reporter interviewed and took footage of some of Alden's fantastic paddling. Dave and mom were also interviewed. Lots of good news potential in this broadcast. Tune in Tuesday!

----- Update: Thursday p.m. ----- The Tuesday, May 14 WTAJ-TV broadcast is now on YouTube for those of you out of broadcast range.

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