U.S. National Whitewater Slalom Team Trials, Oklahoma City

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Sunday April 14 update — Oklahoma City — Athletes and volunteers welcomed sunshine and improved air temperatures as the race reached its final day. Alden completed what he claims were his two best race runs of the weekend, the second of which an experimental race run having all but confirmed selection to the U23 team on his first run. The experiments in question were mostly switching sides with his canoe paddle, which ironically helped him dramatically improve upon his first run. Alden once again finished second in C1 U23 on Sunday; however, as was the case with Saturday, his advantage after Friday's running was too great for his competition to overcome. Thus, Alden finished U.S. Team Trials as the first placed C1 U23 boat on the United States U23 Canoe Slalom Team, confirming his participation at the ICF Junior/U23 Canoe Slalom World Championships in Krakow, Poland. 

Saturday April 13 update — Oklahoma City — Athletes spent much of Day Two lamenting the atrocious weather conditions, as Mother Nature served up a dish of consisting of cold air temperatures, constant rain and high winds. The Canadians had cancelled their race for Saturday, as Canadian selections were to take place over a two day period instead of a three day period like the United States. Alden completed both of his runs, one of which free of penalties, though only finishing second in C1 U23 on the day. However, he paddled well enough to maintain his overall advantage in the category from Day One. 

Friday April 12 update — Oklahoma City — Day One is complete here in OKC. Alden finished as the best American U23 C1 on today's deceptively tricky course, though he admits his runs were "ugly" and not good enough. Michele worked as a volunteer, performing camera duty for the gate judges as well as split timing. Tomorrow's course looks to be more challenging for the athletes, though forecasted high winds could potentially prevent some racing action. Stay tuned ... 

Thursday April 11 update — Oklahoma City — C1 Men First Runs are scheduled for a 09:33 start Central Time Friday, April 12; second runs later in the afternoon. The athletes' schedule is posted; Live Event Feed will be available (may only be a numbers page, but videocamera operators are on the volunteer list sign-up.)

Demo runs and volunteer training later this evening!

Alden Henrie, ICF World Championships 2018. Photo by Micajah McCurry
Alden Henrie, 2018 ICF World Championships, Ivera, Italy. Photo by Micajah McCurry

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Alden, Dave and Michele are currently on the road in OKC for the 2019 U.S. National Whitewater Slalom Team Trials where Mach 1's own Alden Henrie hopes to make the U.S. U23 National Whitewater Canoe Slalom Team. This year’s Team will represent the United States in Cracow, Poland at the International Canoe Federation Slalom World Championships in July and at the 2019 Pan Am Games in Lima, Peru this August!

Team Canada has joined the fun by holding their Team Trials simultaneously with the U.S. Team. 

Alden is training well on the OKC Riversport Course. The athletes' schedule is posted; Live Event Feed will be available (may only be a numbers page, but videocamera operators are on the volunteer list sign-up.)

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