52nd Annual Red Moshannon Downriver Race

Submitted by machteam on Sat, 02/16/2019 - 15:59
Sat, Mar 30, 2019 -- 12:00 pm

Register for the 52nd Annual RedMo Race at https://www.facebook.com/RedMoRace/

This 7.5 mile downriver race is a right of spring on the Mountaintop and in central Pennsylvania. Anyone who has taken our basic course or camp and has continued to paddle should consider spending the day racing and reveling to welcome spring at this event. There's a spaghetti dinner after the race. Get together with friends and meet new ones!

Mach One kids and adults have been enjoying the downriver racing at the Red Mo race at the last Saturday of March for years.  In fact top times in the slalom boat class show these kids  can paddle as well and better than twenty and thirty year olds. I suspect most of the young kids will be entering the Youth Solo class.  I will be shadowing that class, paddling along with them.  I hope they won’t get too far ahead of me…

You (all ages) can sign up at


If you are new at this, the organizers have hired a professional organization to handle the entries. In order to get a T-shirt (free with registration) you need to entry by March 15.  Follow these notes for quick registration:

The registration site will have an open canoe with 2 men in it.  Cursor down you’ll see the various classes to be run.  Our young kids will probably want to enter  the Youth Solo class which I’ll be shadowing . There is a whitewater composistse class  for hand-layup boats (e.g. fiberglass) which should be for those 16 and above. The “Rec” boats are all plastic  type. SUP is Stand Up Paddling platforms.

At the upper part of the screen in the picture the registration button is on the lower right location. Solo is 1 person boat and Team is a 2-person boat.