2019 Mach 1 Whitewater Slalom Team Memberships

The basic course and camps include Mach 1 membership until the end of the calendar year. After that, membership dues should be paid annually to Mach 1 in January (or as early in the season as possible) to continue to access the clubhouse, equipment, training and participate in river running and racing opportunities with the Team.

Continued full membership in Mach 1 includes year-round use of all club equipment at Sunnyside Paddling Park which makes this sport incredibly affordable. Paddling trips are scheduled in accordance with river conditions and races are a great place to improve skills and develop experience.

Download your 2019 Mach 1 Membership Form (docx) or 2019 Mach 1 Membership Form (PDF) to renew your membership and/or register for a basic skills class or camp. These dues include continued use of equipment, training with coach Kurtz and advanced members when available, and continued support of the program which includes grants to low-income members, subsidizing our outstanding talent at National and international competitions and, most importantly, maintaining the Sunnyside training facility and heating the clubhouse throughout winter!

Membership with the American Canoe Association (ACA), the U.S. National governing body for our Olympic hopefuls, National Teams and provider of individual insurance for local races, should be renewed with the ACA at https://www.americancanoe.org/page/Membership_Renewal