5-Day Camp and Penn Cup Activities

Submitted by Aldo on Tue, 07/30/2019 - 10:38

Here is what is happening with the Mach One whitewater program in the next few weeks… a lot of exciting paddling. We hope you can join with us. 

First, our website.  We actually do have a web site that has a lot information available.  However, access looks difficult but with a simple little trick and you can get access.  When you address www.mach1team.org, you will be pointed to a basically blank screen. However, look in the upper left hand corner  and you’ll see a small box with two pointers.  With your pointer hit the line that looks like “drupa18” and a whole lot of wonderful  whitewater information will be presented  to  you.


5-Day Day camp starts tomorrow, July 29.  There is still room for a couple more kids to participate. For new kids to the program we cover the Basic Camp program of 6 sessions. However, those who already have completed the Basic Camp can still participate to have fun, strength their skills, and help teach the new kids.  Monday AM arrange equipment that fits and do the wet exits.  Monday afternoon is Lesson 1 plus some fun paddling. Tuesday AM is Lesson 2 and fun, and PM Lesson 3 and fun. Wednesday 
AM is special events with Ted Conklin who lives in the historic home over looking Spring Creek just 300 yards upstream of the Sunnyside Paddling Park. Thursday is scheduled for a river run all day. Friday AM is set aside for the 9-gate Basic slalom course timed and scored for the kids to try to score within 200% of my score. For Friday afternoon we plan on moving our operations up to Talleyrand Park operating next to the new Canoe and Kayak  Museum.  There we will offer opportunities for new kids coming to town for the Bellefonte Crafts … while parents shop arts and crafts, the kids can come to Talleyrand and paddle kayaks upstream.  Our campers will be helping to instruct. Finally on Sat. morning the campers will help set up the weekend Sunnyside Slalom and practice the course. Alden Henrie will be setting the course this year. In the afternoon we will again help new kids get excited about paddling at Talleyrand. Sunday is the Slalom.

Charges for the Basic Camp:  New kids $125 with all equipment provided plus $25 for lunch food as we go to restaurants for lunch (Thursday bring your own bag lunch for the trip). Call for special need finances.  Those who have completed the Basic Course earlier simply need to be active members ($36 renewal if not already a 2019 member) plus the $25 for lunches. This is Penn Cup 2019 #1.

The weekend of Aug. 10-11 is the  Dog Days Slalom, Alden Henrie designing the course.  Penn Cup #2. With the change of ownership of Tussey Mountain Outfitters, there is concern for their participation in the Dog Days so that Mach One will be making sure the race runs this year. The weekend of Aug. 17-18 is the Penn Cup #3, Riversport Slalom on the Middle Youghiogheny at Confluence PA.

We will be continuing our day to day training sessions at the Sunnyside Paddling Park.

Once school starts on Aug. 26 starting Sept. 9 we start evening 5:30-7:00 new paddler basic camp on a twice a week basis.  A Mon-Tue camp and a Tue.-Thur camp. Penn Cup #6 (or passably #7) on Oct. 12-13).  

As usual, text or call me at   814-222-0052 for details.