U.S. National Whitewater Slalom Team Trials, Oklahoma City

Submitted by machteam on Wed, 04/10/2019 - 17:17

Sunday April 14 update — Oklahoma City — Athletes and volunteers welcomed sunshine and improved air temperatures as the race reached its final day. Alden completed what he claims were his two best race runs of the weekend, the second of which an experimental race run having all but confirmed selection to the U23 team on his first run. The experiments in question were mostly switching sides with his canoe paddle, which ironically helped him dramatically improve upon his first run.

Basic Instruction for All Ages: Courses and Camps

- Learn how to paddle a kayak or canoe safely
- Improve your whitewater paddling skills
- Learn how to read a river better
The Mach 1 Slalom Team is a sport and recreational organization designed to be a strong development program for all youth — both young and older. Introduction to whitewater paddling for continued enjoyment and safety sake, Mach 1 has the following step-wise program for all kids, parents and adults.